Client Success Stories

Customer Challenge: Match Color Standards & Achieve Rotogravure Quality

Solution: Applied Color Expertise Results in Successful Product Launch

Details: A large, multi-national packaging printer called on our expertise to meet the expectations of their $4 billion brand owner's high profile product launch. Our client had worked with a competitor for 4 months prior, but lost confidence based on the poor results they achieved on press. In the 11th hour, after an unsuccessful press approval, the printer's CEO called from the airport to enlist our expertise. Within four days, Flexografix had successfully fingerprinted and profiled the printer's brand new 10-color press, while still on the press manufacturer's floor! With predictable proof-to-print results achieved, our team went to work on completing the project.

The brand owner had approved color standards from their agency's unprofiled printer, but these proofs did not match the supplied files. Extensive color-correction was required to achieve a perfect match between the supplied files and proofs. Flexografix worked day and night, within a compressed time frame, to carefully adjust the color of every element of each SKU before shipping proofs in triplicate. As a direct result of our applied expertise and tireless commitment, the new product release date was met. The brand owner was impressed with the print reproduction and the integrity of our client's relationship with their key customer was maintained!

“Great staff! Easy to work with. Willing to go above and beyond to help me understand their processes and how they best suit my needs.”