Client Success Stories

Customer Challenge: Costly Up-Front Packaging

Solution: Applied Creativity + Leading Technology = Win-Win-Win

Details: Our customer brought us to their $3.3 billion consumer products client to advise on reducing the up-front investment for a 400 SKU new packaging launch. Flexografix’s creativity reduced the number of printed colors by 14%, and by applying the latest technology, reduced the pre-press costs by an additional 11%. These recommendations also resulted in improved color consistency across the shelves of major retailers worldwide. 

Additionally, a creative idea from Flexografix, coupled with the printer’s confidence from a 100% print-to-proof success rate, enabled our customer to run “combination forms”. These forms contain a variety of different process images stepped across their mid-web press format. This solution allowed our customer to meet the demands of a compressed release date and improved their scheduling efficiency. Our idea also reduced the brand owner’s packaging costs for small volume SKU’s. This creative idea was so successful that the printer continues to use this innovative layout in production today. 

“Flexografix helped me pick up some new business on a project that I had no idea how to provide to my customer what they needed. They stepped in and provided me with a solution that worked great!”