Meet the CEO


Ken Pavett is CEO and Chief Technical Officer of Flexografix. Interact with Ken and you'll soon experience his positive energy and contagious excitement for making a difference in both his and his customers' businesses. Ken's attention to detail and drive for excellence is reflected throughout Flexografix. He has successfully created an environment where integrity, teamwork and technical excellence are complemented by unrestrained creativity. Customer-focus, leadership by example, and professional excellence are his trademark.

Ken provides a trusted advisor relationship to his customers and sees each customer as a strategic partner in Flexografix's business. Ken's passion for perfecting the customer experience is apparent, as he is more likely to be found with his sleeves rolled up deeply involved in a project, rather than sitting behind his desk.

Ken began his career as a Chemist and quickly climbed the ranks as the youngest successful Technical Sales Rep within DuPont's Cyrel® group. He gained extensive product application and printing knowledge working for Environmental Inks & Coatings, a high-quality ink manufacturer. Later, he became the Director of Sales and acting Printing Department Manager for a Midwest-based packaging printer. Next, Ken took on the Midwest Packaging Sales Manager position for the Pitman Company. His sales performance was ranked #1 nationally out of 18 peers in territory growth for his last three consecutive years.

In 2003, Ken acquired Flexografix and quickly retooled the company. He identified key employees and recruited to fill the gaps, developing a high-performance team. Ken wasted little time in strategically implementing advanced technologies, providing Flexografix's customers with stronger value and better service. Since 2002, Flexografix has created a 220% increase in sales.

The future? Ken and his team continue to search for and acquire the best people and technologies. This allows Flexografix to provide their customers with marketable value which they, in-turn, provide to their clients. The Packaging industry continues to benefit from the creativity and state-of-the-art technology that Flexografix has to offer. Ken also has plans to acquire another color separator to further expand Flexografix's service area.