Solutions for Printers

You'll Save Money By Applying Our Ideas.

Your supplied artwork will print more efficiently after our Electronic Pre-Press Team applies experience and creativity to your files. We often convert CMYK files to three-color separations while maintaining the integrity of the brand owners' design. Now, your halftone projects will run cleaner and your press operators will set-up and print your customers' graphics quicker and easier. There will also be one less station to set-up and clean up - saving you time and money.

“We use Flexografix for digital flexo plates and film when our equipment is down. Whenever we have problems with our equipment, I know I can call Flexografix and they will get me what I need and when I need it.”

Your Quality Will Improve From Our Technology Investments.

Flexografix is heavily invested in Technology Solutions from Esko. Workflow Automation frees our Operators' time for creative, solution-based separation engineering - simplifying your press set-ups. HD Flexo enables our Customers to fade highlights to zero with a smooth transition, while increasing print contrast. In all, we apply eight product solutions from Esko - to enhance your value to your Clients.

We appreciate all you guys do for us and have never been happier with the quality of plates we have been receiving since we started working with you. Thank you!”

We Are Easy To Do Business With.

Your projects will be managed with great care and detail by our knowledgeable team, from start to finish. You'll be pleasantly surprised by how responsive we are to your needs.

Our Proofing Solutions Increase Profits & Customer Satisfaction.

A color-accurate, contract proof is one of the most important products you will purchase from us. Accurate proofs lead to improved customer satisfaction and reduced set-up times, increasing your profits.

“Keep doing what you do.”
“We have dealt with other companies that offer the same products as Flexografix, but none of them offered the excellent customer service or knowledge that Flexografix provides.”