Equinox, Expanded Gamut Separation Software, is Esko’s unique color separation technology to convert files for expanded gamut printing. Reproduce most PMS colors out of CMYK + Orange, Green & Blue. Reduce production costs, eliminate press downtime and significantly enhance the your clients' halftones.

Extended gamut printing allows you to print faster with superb quality while lowering your printing costs.

Equinox is Esko´s solution for the implementation of extended gamut printing. Equinox standardizes your printing presses on a set of inks of your choice. With this, you save on inks (and plates) for your packaging work and you save time as the press changeover workload between jobs is reduced to merely changing printing plates.

Printing in an extended or expanded gamut means that packaging is not printed in a combination of CMYK and spot inks. Typically the press will be standardized on CMYK + 2 or 3 extra inks (e.g. orange/green/blue). By adding extra colors to the traditional CMYK range, printers can achieve more and better color.


With Equinox, printers do not have to change spot inks for each and every packaging job, so they are able to increase productivity of their presses while reducing costs of inks. At the same time, quality and consistency improve - fulfilling the needs of brand owners that are looking for reduced costs without compromising accurate colors and quality printing.