Solutions for Brand Owners

Flexografix Will Enhance The Success Of Your Brand!

Bring your products to market faster by reducing your packaging design cycle time.

Utilize software that automatically completes version-to-version PDF comparisons, flagging all changes, discrepancies or errors.

Archive your various departments' digital sign-offs during the design & copy stages of each new product.

View precise color throughout the design process on a unique monitor that accurately represents the contract proofs you will approve and the packaging you will purchase.

"As a long time customer of Flexografix, I cannot say enough about their ability to handle very high end work in a very short time. They are extremely detailed in their approach, which saves our company time and money on press."

Use our technology & expertise to get more accurate color reproduction between proof and print.

Flexografix has chosen Dalim Software's DIALOGUE Soft Proofing Technology as a product enhancement for our customers. DIALOGUE offers productivity advancements in an intuitive, user-friendly environment.  

“Your company has done an exceptional job of assisting us with our needs. The staff is extremely helpful and very professional.”

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