Products & Services

Applied Technology

Go to press with confidence. Flexografix’s investment in EskoArtwork’s Automated Workflow Solutions delivers on the promise of accuracy and consistency with each project we produce for you. 

Color Management Expertise

Flexografix uses Color-Managed Studio Monitors to improve the efficiency of our photo retouching. Our commitment to color results in matching your competitors' print standards, or brand owners' proofs, accurately & cost-effectively. You can depend on achieving precise color matches when the job reaches your press!

HD Flexo

HD Flexo is the next step in high quality flexo printing. ESKO’s HD Flexo Technology enables your graphics to fade to zero with a soft transition. Significantly sharper laser imaging allows the reproduction of a wider tonal range by reducing the size of your smallest printable dot. With HD Flexo, your print will stand apart from your competitors - including Rotogravure & Offset! Download the PDF...

Perfect Highlight Screening

Finally, a solution that eliminates the "hard Flexo edge". Flexografix's application of EskoArtwork's Perfect Highlight software enables your graphics to fade to zero with a soft transition while producing remarkable highlight detail. Perfect Highlight will make your print stand apart from your competitors. It will also allow you to better compete with Rotogravure and offset. More information...


Equinox, Expanded Gamut Separation Software, is Esko’s unique color separation technology to convert files for expanded gamut printing. Reproduce most PMS colors out of CMYK + Orange, Green & Blue. Reduce production costs, eliminate press downtime and significantly enhance the your clients' halftones.


Thousands of metallic colours – one base ink. Your choices are endless. MetalFX® is the new way of specifying and printing metallic colours. By utilising the base MetalFX® ink* and the approved CMYK set you can produce unrivaled striking metallic hues in one run of a five-colour press - without the price of multiple spot metallic inks. Whether you are a designer, brand owner or printer, MetalFX® has opened up the metallic colour spectrum to offer you extreme creativity, accuracy and quality at an economical price.

Shrink Sleeve Technology

ESKO's ShrinkSleeve Software insures the correct placement of warped graphics to achieve maximum shelf-appeal with minimal cost. Now you and your customer can view shrink label graphics in 3-D, wrapped around the unique contours of the bottle, prior to printing!

On-Site Technical Support

Your printing process will improve when we integrate our Flexographic Printing and Pre-Press expertise within your facility. We conduct print optimization programs regularly to enhance your print quality, then calibrate our plate & proof products to your presses. We call this free service Integrated Technical Solutions and it will maximize your profits.

Offset Spot Coating Plates

Flexografix's experience producing Offset Photopolymer Spot Coating Plates provides you with:

  • On-Site Technical Support
  • Mounting Flexibility - offering plates with affixed blanket bars, for applications requiring them. 
  • Dependable Service - enabling you to support the production needs of your clients
"I have been using Cyrel® plates for many years from a variety of different vendors and I always had a lot of trouble with registration on type and smaller areas that required tight register. The plates that I received from Flexografix gave us the results that we were looking for on the very high end print projects we had to produce. The service and turn around time on these plates were also extraordinary considering the demands I placed on them. The results of all your work was very much appreciated by our company and our customers. Thanks again. "

Each new customer relationship begins with a print length test, to ensure accurate registration between your print & spot coating unit. We teach your operators how to clean and store these unique plates, protecting your investment. We offer technical assistance with special needs; optimizing the plate for unique coatings or graphics reproduction.

Photopolymer Embossing Plates

Advantages of Our Photopolymer Embossing Plates:

  • Cost-effective image enhancement
  • Your products will stand apart from your competitors
  • Enhance the appearance of your customers’ designs
  • Attract new customers