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Photopolymer Printing Plates

  • Digital & Analog
  • Fast and Solvent-Processed
  • Full Line Cyrel® plate availability

TORAY Torelief Hard Photopolymer Plates

  • male / female pattern embossing
  • dry offset & letterpress printing

Other Materials Available

Flexografix's customers were early to realize the quality benefits from our 2002 investment in Direct-to-Plate technology. In 2011, we added our second ESKO CDI. Each plate is inspected by two team members using multiple quality assurance procedures. Our exacting process gives you predictable results that increase your valuable press uptime!


Color-accurate, contract proofs are one of the most important products you will purchase from us. Consistent, color-accurate, contract proofs lead to improved customer satisfaction and reduced press set-up times increasing profits for your customers.

Kodak Approval

  • Contains halftone dots to match your print
  • Laminated directly on your substrates
  • CMYK matches the FTA's FIRST densities on your customers' stocks

Epson 7900 Color-Managed Inkjet

  • Produced on our continuous tone Epson Stylus Pro 7900
  • Printed on paper without halftone dots
  • Exceptional accuracy from proof to print

Dalim Dialogue

  • View color accurate proofs on a calibrated computer monitor
  • Enables quick, color accurate design collaboration
  • Reduces approval cycle time

Guaranteed Contract Proofs

color metrixWe measure each of your color-managed proofs with our unique software, validating against a long list of quality criteria before you receive them. This guarantees the consistency of each proof, which protects your valuable press time and customer satisfaction. A successful measurement from our validation strip leads to a color-accurate proof with our certification on the back.

See our Technical Resources Page for more information on plates.

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